About Us

Who are We?

Owner John Alan McKenzie has been involved in advertising and marketing for over a decade. His uncanny, “out of the box thinking” has always kept him 2 steps ahead of the game. (not to mention this makes him great to work with!) He has won numerous awards through the Kentucky Press Association (KPA) and the KIPA for advertising excellence. That means that John’s Ad Campaigns and Strategies not only out performed the competitors but dominated them!! He has been ad manager for numerous newspapers and has owned a few magazines along his way. John currently owns numerous websites to go along with his digital marketing agency and he publishes a local health magazine in his region too! So its fair to say, He Loves All Types Of Advertising, Sales and Marketing and he just happens to be really good at it!

Why Us?

Tired of agencies that over promise and under deliver? So was I! That’s why I sacked them all and started the Bluegrass Publishing Company. I’ve built and grown my own advertising businesses for over 12 years, more times than not, learning the hard way. Chances are I’ve been in a similar situation that you’re in or may have been in. It’s through this experience that I know how to grow businesses online.

I’m confident that our model can get you the sales results that you want. It allows you to start with just a service or two but then expand your sales and marketing needs to a whole array of services as your business grows and evolves.

Some of the services we provide to our clients include:

  • Strategy
  • Analytics and Business intelligence
  • Execution and marketing resources/people
  • Optimization and growth
  • Management