5 Reasons Why you should hire local digital marketing help

Most companies often have a lot on their plate and often do not have the required resources or finances for an in-house team to handle their digital marketing and opt to outsource the same.

And of course, there is nothing wrong with outsourcing your digital marketing since it would allow you more time to strategize and focus more on growing your company.
But when it comes to a question of whether to use local companies as opposed to global ones, here are 5 reasons as to why you should hire a local digital marketing agency.

In person meetings

When you decide to work with a national agency as opposed to a local digital marketing agency, you may find that the creative team may not be that willing to hold any face to face meetings.
Moreover, they may not be that obliging as, say a local agency; while a local agency would be willing to hold face to face meetings, brief you regularly on the project and ‘keep you in the loop,’ so as to speak. Whereas with the big agencies, they may feel that their time is too valuable and would not be that keen to allow you to micro-manage the process.
Also, face to face meetings gives you the essential information you need, to decide whether to let the marketing agency handle your project as well as gain enough information about the agency and their creative process as well.

Reduced costs

The truth is that most of the local digital agencies cost a lot less, compared to the large, nationwide companies. This is why it may make more sense from an economic point of view to go ahead with a local company.
Naturally, you would want to vet them, make sure that they have the required expertise, and experience to handle your project. Once you have selected them, you can ask them for a direct quote, and always, re-negotiate the final price, which is something you would not be able to do with the nationwide marketing agencies.


Trust is yet another reason why you may want to work with a local agency as opposed to one that’s located somewhere else. For starters, you can request a person to person meeting, meet up with their creative team and get to know them.
And, you can use these meetings to develop a working relationship with the local agency and one that would last for some time. In the end, it is easier to trust a team to get the job done after a face to face meeting instead of an email.

Familiarity with your business models

The other reason that you may want to go with a local agency is that they are more likely to be familiar with your business and can strategize much more effectively than a firm that’s located elsewhere.
For example, if an agency knows more about you as a company and what you do, then their campaigns are bound to be more effective and would target your demographics much more effectively than others.


It is more likely that the local agency has all the right connections and would know the right people in your area as opposed to say, a global agency or one situated on the other side of the world.
These people would be able to develop campaigns that are much more effective in the short term because they are the sort that resonates quite well with your audience.
In short, they would have a good idea of the core concept, the kind of message your campaigns should deliver and make sure that it is all done, within the stipulated time frame – be it designing the banner or marketing your key products and services online.

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