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We are an online media management company based in Prestonsburg & Pikeville Kentucky specializing in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC, Content and Social Media Marketing. We have earned our badge and we are directly affiliated with Google Maps to guarantee local SEO results.

Our main concentration is on increasing sales revenue and the growth of an online presence for businesses in and around our region. We also handle web design and graphic design, so no out sourcing anything because we can do it all in house.

We provide services that will help you make use of the full potential of the Internet. Our services all go hand in hand for new and established businesses, we offer complete digital and social media marketing programs.

We can help you develop or improve your website or launch an e-commerce service. We use our proven techniques to use social media to communicate and interact with customers and prospects.

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I just got a referral from a big firm in Chicago wanting me to cover a SSA hearing, I asked why he chose me and he said because I was #1 on Google! I have experienced great results from Bluegrass Publishing. I am very pleased with the amount of traffic coming to my website/Facebook pages but more importantly I have seen the results (increased phone calls and $) from their marketing campaign. I’m truly grateful and I highly recommend The Bluegrass Publishing Co. for all your digital marketing needs!
Steven Bailey
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Complete Digital Marketing 86%

We know just what it takes to grow your business!

We have helped over 40 local & online businesses obtain and maintain a top online presence in their field of business!

SEO and Local SEO

Search engine optimization has become common because it is an integral part of any successful business. All businesses that market their products online need the SEO services to increase the number of users on their websites and meet their marketing goals. SEO boosts the ranking of the business website on the search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. As an investor, you need to consider increasing traffic on your website by investing in the right SEO services.

With us you get the best of the best.

Our Basic SEO Package includes:

  • 10 Keyword Optimization– On-page content optimization for 10 primary keywords pre approved by client
  • Up to 10 PagesDepending on the website up to 10 pages of your website will be optimized
  • Title Tag OptimizationOptimization of title tags for each of the optimized pages
  • Meta Description Optimization– Meta description optimization for improved click-through rates
  • Keyword Research– Extensive keyword research to determine the most relevant keywords
  • Content Writing -Content writing to improve the on-page optimization of selected keywords
  • Content Optimization -Utilization of existing textual content to optimize for relevant keywords
  • Heading Optimization -Creation and optimization of heading tags to target campaign keywords
  • Internal Linking Optimization -Development and improvement of internal linking structure
  • Baseline Ranking Report – Pre-optimization ranking report to determine the baseline rankings
  • Monthly Ranking Report– Ongoing ranking report generation to track the improvements over time
  • Initial Backlink Analysis– Link profile analysis to uncover link development opportunities

This SEO Package is designed to offer individuals and businesses with a small budget to start basic search engine optimization without making a large investment.

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